How to inject Testosterone Propionate or other injectable steroids

Correctness of injections during a cycle of testosterone propionate or any other steroid significantly affects the final result. Almost every athlete uses an individual method of drug administration. However, the general rules are the same for everyone. To maintain health and increase the effectiveness of steroids every athlete must know some of the features of injections.  It is not uncommon for novice steroid users to be nervous about injecting on their own.  That is why we suggest asking a friend or spouse/significant other to assist you the first handful of times.  There is no rule that says you can’t have someone else administer your injections.  Believe it or not there are some that have used steroids for 20+ years and still have a close friend or someone they trust administer their injections.  It’s true!

How to inject steroids:

Testosterone propionate injections are performed exclusively intramuscularly. Introduction of this steroid is carried out using a conventional medical syringe with a thin needle. The injections should be directed strictly into the muscle. The best place to inject is a buttock. Soft tissue due to its thickness is best suited for beginner athletes.

You must first select the dosage, then open the ampule and carefully draw it into the syringe. Before the injection, it is necessary to clean the site you’re injecting into and the needle itself with alcohol. You should also release all air from the plunger, so no air bubbles are visible. As a rule, testosterone supplemented with oil, which is difficult to dial without pre-heating in the hand.

The introduction of propionate should be carried out in the upper gluteus muscle. The process itself is best done slowly. Squeezing the oil should be thorough and without unnecessary movements, so as not to damage the vessels. After the introduction, it is necessary to apply cotton swab with alcohol.

For first-time users of injectable steroids, we recommend standing in front of a mirror to inject. By doing this, it allows the individual to see exactly where to administer the shot and to be less nervous to actually inject the muscle. This method will also ensure that you inject the entire solution before pulling the needle out. Once the syringe is empty and you have pulled the pin from your glute, we recommend taking a tissue or clean hand towel and placing it over the site (in case of minor bleeding). This process allows you to be more comfortable.

What needs to be considered additionally?

With self-administration, it is important to consider sterility. All tools are better to handle with alcohol. You also need to completely relax the muscles that are being injected into, so that the injection can be done without pain. It is recommended to use quality products for the cycle.

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