Stacking Testosterone Propionate with Other Steroids

In sports, Testosterone Propionate is a versatile drug that allows you to stack other steroids in a cycle. Many athletes prefer to combine different steroids for maximum effectiveness. Combined use reduces the load on the body and the individual organs. Accordingly, less drugs are also required for PCT.

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Combined Cycle for an Athlete:

Depending on the goals of the athlete, Testosterone Propionate can be used in conjunction with; Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Primobolan, and other effective drugs that are found on the domestic market. Combinations are great for both the “drying effect” and weight gain. In this case, athletes can immediately feel an increase in strength due to the instantaneous action of drugs.

Example of a stacked cycle:

  • Testosterone Propionate – 50 mg every other day;
  • Stanozolol – every day with an increase from 10 to 50 mg;
  • PCT after 6 weeks of the course.

The combined cycle is always more effective than each drug separately. Using this technique allows you to extract more benefits for the athlete. Therefore, many professionals always use other steroids in conjunction.

Recovery after a stacking cycle:

It is believed that the stacking cycle has a greater burden on the body, by increasing the number of drugs taken. However, in practice, the situation is quite the opposite. After all, each steroid has individual characteristics and different effects. Therefore, common drugs are used for PCT. Most often, athletes take Proviron, Tamoxifen and cortisol blockers.

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