Testosterone Propionate Cycle

Testosterone propionate is used in certain dosages, which are established by the individual for their specific cycle. You can get the maximum efficiency of the cycle chosen based on individual dosages and goals. Each athlete’s cycle will be different. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when creating a specific program or cycle.

Cycle time length:

Testosterone propionate cycles can have a duration of 4 to 8 weeks. The specific cycle is determined by the athlete based on his age and other individual characteristics. Propionate has a pronounced effect after 2 weeks of use. Therefore, the cycle must be at least 30 days. In practice, many athletes uniformly increase the dosage at the beginning of the cycle and reduce it at the end. Thanks to this technique, you can quickly adapt the body to third-party testosterone and reduce the likelihood of a strong rollback. Typically, the dosage is 50 mg of the drug every 2-3 days. Experienced bodybuilders or strongmen use 100 mg per day.

Consider PCT during and after cycle:

To increase the effectiveness of testosterone propionate, it is recommended to take care of PCT in advance. Reception of auxiliary reducing preparations should be carried out already at 6-7 weeks into the cycle. Thus, you can eliminate the occurrence of a rollback or minimize it. It is best to give injections of 10-20 mg, these recommendations are relevant for young athletes.

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