Comparison of testosterone propionate with analogues

Testosterone propionate is just that, Test-P, there are no steroids the same. There are only steroids that have testosterone propionate mixed in conjunction with others, which really isn’t a bad choice though. Every athlete should know how to replace propionate in case of its absence.

    Composition of Sustanon-250:
  • Testosterone propionate 30mg;
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate 60mg;
  • Testosterone isocaproate 60mg;
  • Testosterone decanoate 100mg.
    Composition Ripex-225:
  • Testosterone propionate 75mg, Masteron 75mg, Tren-Ace 75mg

Effectiveness of the use of substitutes:

In terms of effectiveness, the analogues are not inferior to propionate. However, the specificity of the application during the cycle differs. The use of sustanon-250 in large quantities can contribute to water retention. Therefore, athletes often have a “bloated” look. Ripex-225 will not cause water retention but it’s use is for the athlete who already has good definition to their bodies. In practice, it is believed that testosterone propionate is more, pure and acceptable among professional athletes.

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